Even More Baby Blankets!

Since the last baby blanket post, 3 more sets of friends have had children, which means 3 more baby blankets!

First up is Herman – his blanket traveled all the way to Norway! I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I definitely had a lot of fun making the cat decoration. The general outline of the cat came from a printable paper mask that I found online.


Next is Eliza. I did some pre-planning for this blanket at her baby shower and took a picture of the painting that was used as the guestbook.


A little bit of photoshop tracing resulted in the pattern for the whale, and the waterspout was easy to improvise.


This was the first purple blanket I’ve had the opportunity to make, so I was excited to use one of my favorite fleece designs for the back – purple tye-dye!

I was able to deliver this one before Eliza was 3 months old, which might be a personal record.


The third blanket I made was for Victor, brother to Diego from the last blanket post! I wasn’t sure how much the nursery had changed, so I made Victor’s blanket similar in theme and style to his brother’s, but with different colors.

Luckily, there is plenty of monkey print fleece out there to choose from. The one thing I would change if I were doing this again is to pick a darker background color for the name side – the monkey pattern shows through the yellow more than I’d like. Victor doesn’t seem to mind though!


This is all for now, but definitely expect another post in the future – I know of 4 babies that are either newly arrived or coming soon, and even if though it feels silly to be sewing fleece when it’s 90 degrees outside, they’re getting a blanket 😛


More Baby Blankets!

I like making these for new babies, and while sometimes the babies aren’t brand new by the time I finish, it’s still a fun way to give a present that is both useful and unique.

With Silas, he was old enough by the time I started that I was able to find out his favorite animal/color combination.


Dogs with big eyes and bright orange were the favorites

The dog pattern came from an online coloring book, which I’ve found to be one of the best places to get simple line drawings to turn into applique.  It does go through a couple of creepy looking stages though before the final thing is ready.

For the back I used Minky fabric for the first time, and while it was fine, it was harder to work with than fleece and slid around a lot while I was trying to get the two sides to match up.


All in all though, I was happy with the final product and Silas got his blanket just in time for his 1st birthday.

Unlike Silas, I knew Diego’s name and nursery theme before he was born, giving me a little bit of a headstart on getting his blanket together. I couldn’t think of a way to get enough color contrast for a monkey decal on the front of the blanket, so instead went for a monkey patterned back and really big letters for his name on the front.


One problem with using a patterned fleece is that it can be hard to match up the colors – you can see that a little here with the difference between the greens, but they are on opposite sides so it isn’t super obvious.

I managed to get this one finished and sent out within 4 months, and it was a hit!



Baby Blanket!

20141108_095604The craft I’ve probably made the most of is fleece blankets – there are infinite ways to personalize them, and everyone can use a blanket.  I’ve made a bunch with fraternity letters, one for my husband with his name on it, and several smaller ones for new babies, because it’s fun to put their name on things.  The latest one I made (a few months ago) was for baby Everett.  His parents decorated his nursery in brown and green with a forest animal theme, so it was easy to pick out colors and a design.

One thing I learned while searching for a pattern for the owl applique is that coloring book pages can be perfect for finding simple outlines of almost anything.  The owl came from this link: http://azcoloring.com/coloring-page/861692, and it was pretty straightforward to resize it and cut out all of the individual pieces.

The font is Gotham Rounded Bold, which I really like because it’s easy to cut out and doesn’t look too childish or too serious.

I didn’t think to take pictures of the completed blanket before I gave it to Everett, but here is a re-creation of the reverse side with the scraps I have left over.  It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but the binding is a satin light green that  mostly matches the front.