Even More Baby Blankets!

Since the last baby blanket post, 3 more sets of friends have had children, which means 3 more baby blankets!

First up is Herman – his blanket traveled all the way to Norway! I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I definitely had a lot of fun making the cat decoration. The general outline of the cat came from a printable paper mask that I found online.


Next is Eliza. I did some pre-planning for this blanket at her baby shower and took a picture of the painting that was used as the guestbook.


A little bit of photoshop tracing resulted in the pattern for the whale, and the waterspout was easy to improvise.


This was the first purple blanket I’ve had the opportunity to make, so I was excited to use one of my favorite fleece designs for the back – purple tye-dye!

I was able to deliver this one before Eliza was 3 months old, which might be a personal record.


The third blanket I made was for Victor, brother to Diego from the last blanket post! I wasn’t sure how much the nursery had changed, so I made Victor’s blanket similar in theme and style to his brother’s, but with different colors.

Luckily, there is plenty of monkey print fleece out there to choose from. The one thing I would change if I were doing this again is to pick a darker background color for the name side – the monkey pattern shows through the yellow more than I’d like. Victor doesn’t seem to mind though!


This is all for now, but definitely expect another post in the future – I know of 4 babies that are either newly arrived or coming soon, and even if though it feels silly to be sewing fleece when it’s 90 degrees outside, they’re getting a blanket 😛


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