How to deal with 100 square feet of foam

My cat cubes are made out of foam covered in fleece, and the first one I made used a twin sized mattress topper for the foam – they’re easy to find, especially around back to school time, and relatively inexpensive. Once I had the technique down, I realized I would need a better source of foam, and luckily the internet has plenty such places. Here’s how I break down 100 square feet of foam so it fits in my house without taking up too much space.

The cost works out so that it makes the most sense to buy 5 half sheets of foam. Each sheet is 82 X 36 inches, and it comes neatly packaged in a 17 lb. box

Everything is vacuum sealed, and once you unwrap it you end up with a lot of plastic and a hissing, rapidly expanding mass. (Video is best at 2x speed)

Once the sheets are free, I lay them out and mark up where I need to cut. Each sheet is enough for 8 cube sides plus an extra strip of foam that I haven’t come up with a use for yet.

Cutting happens on a large cutting mat, and I just drag the foam towards me a few times to get through it all.

In the end, everything fits on top of my Ikea Expedit. It took a few days of after-work work to break it all down into squares, but it is so worth it to just get it done and put away.  This is the second batch of foam I’ve bought – the first time I just left the large sheets rolled up in a corner of the living room, and when company came over we would hide it in a closet or the trunk of my car 😛


Six squares are missing here, they were turned into a Pokecube


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