More Baby Blankets!

I like making these for new babies, and while sometimes the babies aren’t brand new by the time I finish, it’s still a fun way to give a present that is both useful and unique.

With Silas, he was old enough by the time I started that I was able to find out his favorite animal/color combination.


Dogs with big eyes and bright orange were the favorites

The dog pattern came from an online coloring book, which I’ve found to be one of the best places to get simple line drawings to turn into applique.  It does go through a couple of creepy looking stages though before the final thing is ready.

For the back I used Minky fabric for the first time, and while it was fine, it was harder to work with than fleece and slid around a lot while I was trying to get the two sides to match up.


All in all though, I was happy with the final product and Silas got his blanket just in time for his 1st birthday.

Unlike Silas, I knew Diego’s name and nursery theme before he was born, giving me a little bit of a headstart on getting his blanket together. I couldn’t think of a way to get enough color contrast for a monkey decal on the front of the blanket, so instead went for a monkey patterned back and really big letters for his name on the front.


One problem with using a patterned fleece is that it can be hard to match up the colors – you can see that a little here with the difference between the greens, but they are on opposite sides so it isn’t super obvious.

I managed to get this one finished and sent out within 4 months, and it was a hit!




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