Lapis Lazuli (inspired) Dress

For the upcoming JoCo cruise, I wanted to make a dress that was formal but also a tribute to one of my favorite shows, Steven Universe.  This is what I came up with:


For reference, here’s what Lapis wears:



The pattern I used was McCall’s M7157, which was the closest I could find to a halter with a strap across the back.

Once I had the basic shape from a pattern, I added some of the color detail that Lapis has. I wanted to keep on the non-cosplay side of things, so that I wouldn’t feel too weird using the dress for normal situations, so I didn’t use triangles for the dark blue details. Instead I just went with wide stripes, which I think turned out pretty well.

When I want to make it a little more obvious where my inspiration came from, I can wear this necklace shaped like Lapis’s cracked gem, which I got from MagicalMcGuffins on Etsy. For more formal occasions, I have a similar teardrop necklace that is actually a lapis lazuli stone.


One last detail that I didn’t get a picture of before I packed my dress – the inside of the skirt is lined in a slightly lighter blue, to give the same sort of effect as the light shining on Lapis in the shot at the top of the post. It probably won’t really show when I’m wearing it, but I thought it was a fun addition (and it made hemming a lot easier).



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