Last Minute Christmas!

Are you over 21? Can you sew in a straight line? Then good news! Liquor stores are open relatively late on Christmas Eve (9 pm around here), and you’ve still got time to buy presents! And while decorating the paper bag that your purchase comes in is one option, it is also very easy to make a little fabric bag to class things up.

You’ll need a strip of fabric about an inch or two wider than the bottle you’re making it for, and a few inches taller.


These are mini bottles (perfect for stockings!) but it will work about the same for full size bottles too.

So take your strip of fabric, and turn down both of the ends. Sew those together, leaving the short ends open for your ribbon.

Then sew the sides of the fabric along the long edges up to the ribbon opening.


Flip it right-side-out, put a ribbon through the tube, fill it with some booze, and no one will know that you bought your presents right before stores closed on Christmas Eve 🙂


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