Cthulhu Dice Bag

This is a craft that I made for a gift exchange last Christmas – dice bags are relatively quick and easy to personalize, so it seemed like a good fit. I also sent a Call of Cthulhu dice set, which made everything nice and match-y!


The most fun part of this was getting to use my embroidery machine – cutting out all of those tiny tentacles was too much for me to consider doing this as an applique.


The most convenient part of making a dice bag is that I had all the materials I needed on hand – the fabric is left over from the purses/shoe bag I made as a gift for my bridespeople, and I’ve always got a ton of ribbon lying around.


As a bonus, here’s a super short video of the embroidery. It’s always a little nerve-wracking to embroider something, because if the machine messes up there’s pretty much no saving the fabric.  I’ve had this machine for 10 years, and it still makes me nervous.  Usually it turns out fine though 🙂


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