Baby Blanket!

20141108_095604The craft I’ve probably made the most of is fleece blankets – there are infinite ways to personalize them, and everyone can use a blanket.  I’ve made a bunch with fraternity letters, one for my husband with his name on it, and several smaller ones for new babies, because it’s fun to put their name on things.  The latest one I made (a few months ago) was for baby Everett.  His parents decorated his nursery in brown and green with a forest animal theme, so it was easy to pick out colors and a design.

One thing I learned while searching for a pattern for the owl applique is that coloring book pages can be perfect for finding simple outlines of almost anything.  The owl came from this link:, and it was pretty straightforward to resize it and cut out all of the individual pieces.

The font is Gotham Rounded Bold, which I really like because it’s easy to cut out and doesn’t look too childish or too serious.

I didn’t think to take pictures of the completed blanket before I gave it to Everett, but here is a re-creation of the reverse side with the scraps I have left over.  It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but the binding is a satin light green that  mostly matches the front.



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