Link and Zelda Costumes!

Link and zeldaThis has been my most ambitious costume to date, and while it’s still technically a work in progress, it’s also been in progress since I last worked on it 2 years ago.  So!  Here’s what I’ve done so far, and the results of an awesome photography session by the even more awesome Stephen Schmidt.  When you visit his website, you’ll notice that cosplay is not is usual subject matter, but he clearly did a great job with Link and Zelda.  The full photo set can be found on Flickr.

On to the costumes!

The Link costume was pretty easy – the shirt was from a tunic pattern, and the pattern for the hat was found online.  It’s been long enough that I don’t have any references to it anymore, but it should be easy enough to find.  Round it out with white scrub pants, pirate boots (most easily found during Halloween), and any of the Link swords that can be found on Etsy. And you’re done!

The Zelda costume was a little more difficult.  I’ll start with the most complicated – the armor.  I started by researching armor-making methods, and found this wonderful tutorial:  This is basically all you need to start making metal-looking armor that isn’t made from metal.  As for the pattern for the armor pieces, they came from here:  It also has a pretty good walkthough on how to make this specific armor.

20141031_134749 20141031_134727

For both the shoulder armor and the back piece, the raised parts were cut out of another sheet of foam and glued on.  The smaller detail work is done with hot glue.  Everything is then covered in gold Rub and Buff.

20141031_134517I hot glued relatively thick wire onto the inside edges of each piece, which helps it hold its shape and stay in place.  Even with that, when I actually wear the costume I have to tape everything into place.

The headpiece is very similar – thick wire, details done with hot glue, and gold buffing.

20141031_134812 20141031_134832


The breastplate and the tapestry holder are still in progress, so in their current state they are super easy – just cut the shape out of foam and make it gold.  The final version will need some hot glue detail and gems.  The shirt is a modified tank top pattern – basically just a fitted top with a V built into the front and the back extended into a point.

20141031_134449 20141031_134422

The final piece is the tapestry.  I made this with a lot of fusible backing and careful cutting. A future goal is to add the red detail work that goes around the top.  All of the chain links are hot glued to the back of the foam/tapestry, and are made of chain link which makes it really easy to bend them open to add/remove parts.

20141031_134436And that’s it!  The dress is from H&M, but the great part about that is you can use pretty much any floor length white dress.  Wrap some ribbon in your hair, put on some gloves and call it done!

Link and Zelda 2








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