Kingdom Hearts – Sora costume


This Sora costume was inspired by one of my favorite things – Reddit gift exchanges (the Secret Santa is open, go sign up!) For the Halloween exchange three years ago, I requested that my gifter either send me candy /or/ send me some sort of prop that I could use as a basis for a Halloween costume. He came through in a big way and sent me a Keyblade! It was perfect – he let me know ahead of time what he would be sending, and I had enough time before it arrived to create the rest of my costume. I had a ton of fun with it, and I didn’t have to deal with the indecision of picking a costume.

This costume was also a lot of fun to shop for. The only major modification I made was adding the giant zipper (, but it gave me the opportunity to buy an oversized stretchy red jumpsuit (on sale at Macy’s), extra wide size 14 sneakers (Walmart), and endlessly browse ebay for the right type of jacket.

I cut the front of the jumpsuit open to add the zipper – I initially added it to the back (and was planning on wearing it backwards) because the neckline would make more sense, but I didn’t take into account how baggy the butt area of the jumpsuit would be :p Luckily the giant zipper is much easier to work with than standard sized ones, so it wasn’t difficult to take it out and move it to the front.

Giant Zipper: 20141031_140452

For the poofy pant legs that Sora has, I hemed the jumpsuit to just above the knee and put some heavy-duty elastic in the hem. Once I had the jumpsuit on, I put a ring of foam padding down each pant leg, and that kept it pretty poofy. It helped that the jumpsuit was crazy stretchy – like, you could probably fit two entire people into each leg.

My dress form made it hard to put the foam in both legs, but this also does a good job showing with foam and without:


Along with poofy pants, Sora has some seriously oversized feet. Clown shoes are expensive and not quite the right look, but luckily Walmart has relatively cheap sneakers for giant feet. I didn’t buy the largest size they had because I was worried about tripping, but I think the size 14 shoes we defintiely oversized enough that I got the point across. They were so big on me that I was able to put another shoe (one that does fit me) fully inside the big shoe, and that made them really easy to wear. I hotglued yellow fleece to the shoes for the accents. The fleece was something that I happened to have, but if I were to do it again I would have bought some yellow vinyl or at least some fabric that isn’t so fuzzy – it looks a little weird if you get too close.


The jacket was a lucky find on ebay (style info if you happen to find it), and the necklace is a foam cutout with metallic polish. And of course, the Keyblade, which various Etsy sellers sell, and for which tutorials exist.


All in all this was one of my favorite costumes to make, mostly because of the giant (functional!) zipper. It makes such a big difference to how authentic everything looks, and it was so easy!

Final Result:

Sora Costume!



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