Halloween is here, and Halloween is the best holiday for crafts!  I sadly don’t have a new costume this year, but at this point there’s enough costume parts around the house that I’ll be able to come up with something to wear for the adorable trick-or-treaters that will hopefully be stopping by.  It’s my first Halloween in this house, so I don’t know what the trick-or-treater situation will be like – either we get to see fun costumes, or we get to eat a lot of leftover candy :p

Anyway, I thought I’d put up a few posts about my costumes from previous years, and a little bit about how they were made.  Let’s start with the generic female pirate costume.



I made this my first year of college, and wore it for the next two.  This was probably the first costume that I made out of quality materials – I avoided the “Halloween quality” fabrics and went for the good stuff.  I pretty much just followed the pattern, but I was able to learn a lot about working with lace and putting in grommets.

One addition I made was embroidering a pirate flag – I wanted an excuse to use my embroidery machine.



A store-bought pirate had and a piratey necklace that I had lying around finished it off, and while my more recent costumes have tended away from short and more towards nerdy, I’m still pretty proud of how this turned out.

20141031_131432         20141031_131352



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