Cat-panion Cube

Now that Desert Bus has posted the Cat-Panion cube, it’s time for me to get my act together and put up some content.  So! Here a few pictures from when I was putting the cube together.  Featured are my two cats – Fina on the top left and Kaylee on the bottom right.

20140228_212451 20140501_183744 20140501_184726 20140501_212149

I can’t take credit for the idea – a friend sent me this link a few years ago: I’ve updated the pattern to look a little more like the real companion cube, and made it out of nice fluffy fleece.  If, for some bizarre reason, you haven’t heard of Desert Bus, you can check out more pictures of the cube here: Thanks for stopping by!

Edit: Bidding is now open! If you want this cube for your adorable cat, you can bid on it here until November 19th, 5 pm EST. All proceeds go to support the wonderful Child’s Play Charity.

Edit #2: Bidding is over, and the cube went for an incredible $2718.28 . Thanks so much to anyone who bid, and to Desert Bus and everyone who makes DB so amazing.  I suspect you’ll be seeing at least one cat bed next year 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cat-panion Cube

  1. This looks SO CUTE! I can’t wait to bid on it! I’m curious, (because I’m always looking for ideas on how to do crafty things) did you actually use some kind of foamy support in the structure or are the fleece layers sewn together enough to keep its shape?

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    • Thank you! And yeah, it has 1 inch thick foam between the layers – that was the best way to give it structure but also make it soft and shippable. The instructables link has a breakdown of the steps/materials, it’s a good way to conceptualize how everything fits together 🙂


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